We Take Safety Seriously

Lanford Brothers is committed to keeping bridges safe–but we’re also dedicated to the safety of our workers and others who may travel through our job sites.

man in white hard hat overlooking work

Safety and Compliance Practices

Our safety program complies with all federal, state, and local regulations. In addition, all of our on-site practices adhere to OSHA construction operations requirements and, most importantly, help us ensure that our workers are taking care of themselves and one other while on the job.

Safety management

With the help of our Safety Department, we’re able to visit job sites, confirm that our teams are complying with safety regulations, and identify and correct any problems or violations in real time. Additionally, our crew member Safety Team provides additional on-site monitoring and can efficiently communicate safety issues to management as needed.

report a safety concern

Lanford Brothers also offers a violation reporting method that is both virtual and anonymous. Click the button to fill out the Safety Violation form.