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Safe and Sound

Lanford Brothers is committed to the safety and welfare of all our employees and those traveling through our job sites. Our work can be dangerous as we work on roadways and bridges in all types of conditions and beside moving vehicles. We recognize that each employee has loved ones who need them, and we need them too.

Safety & Compliance Practices

Lanford Brothers’ safety program complies with all federal, state and locals regulations and emphasizes the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requirements for construction operations. We stress the importance of following the safety rules and procedures. We remind employees to follow these regulations not just because of OSHA or Lanford Brothers rules, but because they need to take care of themselves so they go home to those who love them and need them. We also ask each employee to look out for their coworker as well. Every employee that works at Lanford Brothers is important to getting the job done.


Safety Management

Our Safety Manager will visit job sites to ensure that the employees are in compliance and help identify and correct problems and perform training on the spot if necessary. We train in the field and in classrooms. Our supervisors have received the OSHA training, and we also have a crew member other than the supervisor who acts as a Safety Ambassador to help communicate any safety issues to our management team. Lanford Brothers also offers another method by which an employee may anonymously report a safety violation or near miss through this website. Employees who wish to report a near miss or safety concern may fill out a Safety Violation form found on the Employee Intranet site.

Speak Up

Providing a safe work environment is every employee’s responsibility, every subcontractor’s responsibility and following the safety policies is a condition of employment. We encourage any employee who has questions or feels they do not understand the proper way to do their job safely to ask their supervisor, contact our Safety manager or contact any other member of management team immediately.