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Bridge Repair services

Bridge Repair services

with Decades of Expertise


Trusted by Transportation departments and municipalities across the southern Mid-Atlantic, the Lanford team has 60 years of bridge repair expertise. With the most hard-working people on our crews and the very best tools and methods at our disposal, we can take on projects of all shapes and sizes.

Bridge Repair and Restoration

Bridge maintenance and repair is essential to providing a safe, accessible roadway–and that’s a responsibility that we take seriously. Our use of competitive bids, comprehensive bridge rehabilitation services, knowledgeable employees, and best-in-class equipment ensures that we create safe work environments for our team and safe roadways for all. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative bridge repair services.

We perform pnumatic concrete repairs for bridges, parking garages, buildings, and other concrete structures.

Our certified welders can fabricate and assemble metal structures for bridges and other steel structures.

Lanford can provide welders and crews to remove or repair steel or concrete joints in bridges and other structures.

Lanford has the knowledge and ability to raise bridge spans or beam ends for both concrete and steel repairs.

Lanford has the ability to install carbon fiber wrap on bridges and other concrete structures.

We have experienced, certified welders who can cut, repair, or straighten steel beams on bridges.

Recent Projects

March 2024 /// Petersburg, VA

One of our largest rapid set pours with 148 cubic yards.


Lanford continues to work with the Staunton District VDOT in both the northern and southern region providing maintenance work for scheduled and emegency repairs including deck overlays (latex and epoxy), joint repair and installation, joint closures, rail and post repair, bearing replacement, and structural steel work.


Providing overlays on the existing decks for I-440 in conjuction with the new asphalt roads.


Shotcrete repairs to bridge substructure and superstructure in Lynchburg, VA.


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“The best of the best”

For nearly 30 years, we’ve proudly worked alongside Lanford Brothers Company, Inc. as trusted partners in the challenging work of bridge rehabilitation. Precision, quality, and teamwork are paramount on infrastructure projects, and they’ve proven to be among the best of the best in these areas. They are more than a contractor; they are truly business partners.

Keith T. May, PResident & CEO, IVS Group Inc.

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“Responsive and well-managed”

We have been working with Lanfords Brothers for roughly 30 years. They are one of the most responsive and well-managed general contractors that we work with. They are truly an excellent Employee-owned company, and we look forward to many more successful years of working together.

Edward Haden, Vice President of Construction, IVS Hydro Inc. 

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“Commitment to excellence”

Lanford Brothers has been a great partner for the nearly three decades that we’ve worked with them. Their commitment to excellence has been demonstrated by countless Department of Transportation projects, utilizing innovative products like Rapid Set Cement.

Tracy Johnson, CTS


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