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Employment Opportunities

Lanford Brothers is now 100% Employee Owned. Since our employees are also owners after they have worked here one year- their efforts that lead to the company’s success help the stock price grow which makes the employee’s retirement benefits grow. And that is not even counting the contributions the company makes to the employee’s accounts.

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Employee Owner

Mike Mitchell

One of our owners, Mike Mitchell, started working as a carpenter in the field for Lanford Brothers in 1984 and worked his way up to foreman to superintendent to project manager to Vice President. When asked about his ESOP Account, he says, “It is hard to believe that Jack and Stan Lanford thought enough of us to put money away for us to retire.” He admits that when he was young he just wanted to be sure he got paid for the hours he worked and did not think much about retirement. But he has watched his account grow and grow to a number he never thought possible. Mike said, “If Lanford had paid me twice what I earned over the years, I would not have had this much money.” And he knows that it has been good for other long time hourly employees as well. Now that Mike is getting closer to retiring, he realizes how valuable the ESOP Plan can be. His advice to anybody coming to work here: “Never give up at your current position. If you want to move up, there is an opportunity to do that. Hard work pays off here.”

Construction Worker

Craig Daniels

Craig Daniels has worked for Lanford Brothers since 2003. He is one of our construction workers who is vital to getting the job done. When asked why he has stayed with LBC so many years, he says he likes what he is doing. He said he enjoys being outside and that the work gets hectic sometimes, but he knows that happens with every job. His advice to some young person looking to work here is “This is a good place to start. You can work here for a long time and then you will have a good retirement saved up.”


Doug Williamson

Doug has been with Lanford since 1995. He started off helping with the shop and some other crews, and when management realized he was mechanically inclined, he became a mechanic. Doug says he likes the steady work in our shop. He says it is not a stressful environment and gets to work with good people. Doug gets to do a variety of work in the shop repairing trucks, and both small and large pieces of equipment as well as looking after our GPS installations. So every day has a different challenge!


Tino Lopez

Tino started working for Lanford Brothers as a laborer in 1997. He has moved up the ranks to a foreman on a bridge repair crew. Tino says he is proud to show his family the bridges that he has helped repair. When asked “Why did you stay with this job at Lanford?” Tino says, “I love my job. It is a good company. It has good benefits. I like the people I work with.”

Mobile Mixer Operator

Steve Wright

Steve has worked for Lanford Brothers since 2007. His father-in-law had worked here a long time and recommended he apply. Steve came here with diesel mechanic experience and heavy equipment operator experience. When asked “Why Lanford?” he says, “the best reason is the ESOP, a great retirement benefit.” Steve said that he recognizes that it is not just about the hourly pay, but how much money LBC is putting into his retirement account. Plus he likes that it is a family oriented company. He remembers a Vice President calling him by name soon after he started working here and telling him that he hoped he made a career with our company. Steve has been one of our mobile mixer operators, but also is a driver, mechanic and welder/fabricator. Now he is a superintendent.


Larry Shepherd

Larry has worked at Lanford Brothers since March 2007 as a welder. After 44 years of welding, Larry is now retired. Larry said that he has worked at other places as a welder, but he says, “there is no other place that does what we do as a welder.” He enjoys fabricating and welding. In our welding shop, management may give them a challenge like how to build something to resolve a problem or issue. But the welders also go to jobs to repair beams on bridges. So they do a variety of welding jobs.


Alan Slater

Alan started working for the company as a 16-year-old. His Dad, Casey Slater, had worked with the Lanford Brothers in the field for many years. Alan started working full time in 1983. He says construction work was “deep in my blood” since his uncle and dad both did this type of work. When asked why he stayed with this company for so many years, he says, “the whole Lanford family has been good to work for.” Alan would tell anyone who wants to move up in the company “to listen to the people you are training under, pay attention to the details when you do your work, and to get as much math and architectural drawing as is possible whenever you can.” Alan is another example of someone who came here starting at the bottom and worked his way up to Superintendent.

Heavy Duty Truck Driver

Karrington Overstreet

Karrington is a Class A CDL driver who has worked for the company since July 2016 and works as a part of one of our bridge crews. When asked what he liked about his job and this company, he said, “Lanford Brothers is a great company that provides the training, knowledge, and a career for someone who is seeking a brighter future. As a Heavy Duty Truck Driver, it has provided me ways to open doors that I myself did not consider possible. Lanford provides great hours, good pay as well as good benefits, along with opportunities to grow within the company and within yourself.” He said he would tell anyone considering work here: “If you are striving for a brighter future and are open to learn and master a new career then give Lanford Brothers a try.” He says there are good days and bad days in anything you do in life, but much more important is what you make of it that will determine your level of success.


Arnold Pastrana

Arnold Pastrana is one of our crane operator/screed operators. He has worked for Lanford Brothers since 1999. When asked what he likes about his job here at Lanford Brothers Company, Arnold said that he likes getting to work with a lot of different people. “I am not stuck doing just one thing all day every day. One day I might be driving a rollback, the next I am operating a crane or setting up a screed for a latex pour.”


Greg McCullah

Greg started as a foreman for Lanford Brothers in 1994. Greg says that one of the best things at Lanford Brothers is the good benefits. He also says the company “provided an opportunity to learn a lot of different trades, like running a mobile and a milling machine. I got to play with a lot of different equipment which I like to do!” Now Greg is in charge of all our gunite work. When first learning to shoot gunite, he started as a laborer and worked his way up to shooting. Greg says, “I really enjoy working outside and being my own boss. I enjoy getting to train others and watching them move up. I would tell anyone looking to come here to remember there are bad days when things go wrong and good days like when you get your bonus. Lanford has been good to me. There are good people here, and it is like a family”